Copwatch is an education program and app for the Australian Aboriginal Community to help improve engagement, trust and accountability between police and Aboriginal people. The Copwatch app lets you record interactions with police - safely and legally.


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Advice: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander users are advised that this website/app may contain images and voices of people who have died

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Recording Police

You are allowed to record incidents with police in public places.

  • Use Copwatch to record incidents with police in public places

  • Be confident that you have a legal right to record in public, even if police tell you to stop 

  • Give your correct name and address when asked

  • Be respectful when dealing with the police - don’t argue, and follow reasonable instructions like ‘move back’ 

  • Remember you have a legal right to wait until an adult or lawyer is present before talking to the police

Thing not to do:

  • DON’T try to impress your mates when talking to police

  • DON’T  just hand your phone over - police need a good reason to take your phone

  • DON’T unlock your phone for police - they need a warrant 


  • Add emergency contacts to your Copwatch app so they can find you if you get in trouble

  • Use the ‘Notify Emergency contacts’ button in Copwatch if you think you might need help

  • Think VERY carefully before publishing or sharing your recording