Copwatch is an education program and app for the Australian Aboriginal Community to help improve engagement, trust and accountability between police and Aboriginal people. The Copwatch app lets you record interactions with police - safely and legally.


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Advice: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander users are advised that this website/app may contain images and voices of people who have died

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Copwatch respects your privacy

Copwatch sent me a text.

Text: "I am currently involved in an incident with the police."
Why did I get this text?

You got this text because someone using Copwatch is worried the police will hurt them or arrest them. This is happening right now. They have sent you a text message because they need help. 

What should I do?
  • Call the person right away. If the person doesn't pick up, you should reply to the SMS. 

  • If you can't call or text them, you should go to the location shown in the app, or ask someone else to go there. 

  • If you can't contact them, you should contact the police in the area. 

  • If your friend or family member has been arrested by the police, you should get legal help. Here is a list of groups that can help you when you with legal problems. 

Text: "You have been added as an emergency contact in Copwatch by xxxx"
Why did I get this text?

You got this text because someone using Copwatch has nominated you to receive alerts if they become involved in an incident with the police and need help.

What should I do?
  • Someone using Copwatch has included you as an emergency contact person.

  • This message is simply to let you know that they have added you and may call on you for help.

  • If you are unsure, it’s best to talk to the person who has added you.

  • NOTE: this message has not yet been implemented in the Copwatch app.